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Birth of Jam Rock.

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Original recording of rhythm/lead guitar distortion,  Ross phase shifter & Casio Keyboards to cassette then mastered to Disk. Original recorded in 1993. Remastered in 2019 at Nashville Audio Productions. 

Mirror, Mirror, premaster.

Mirror, Mirror.

This is an audio clip sent to me by a client and embedded here straight from her original E-mail. 

Mirror, Mirror post master.

Mirror, Mirror.

This is a remix master of the above audio clip sent to me by a client, via her E-mail,  remastered, by the use of Protools & Adobe audition CS3

Beach life premaster.

Original Download of the track. "Beach Life".

Remix of above track, "Beach Life". in my mastering studio.

You Steal My sleep away.

You Steal My Sleep Away.

This song was remastered from a final studio track on a low bias cassette,  in 1993, from a recording studio, here in Nashville T.N., Castle Records. here in Nashville T.N.  Producer on session was Ed Russell. 

Remix of the 60's classic, "Wild Thing" by The Troggs, as performed by the 70's group , "Fancy".